IMG_8466Here’s yet more reason not to believe the placard we saw on St. Marks Place announcing that a sequel to Taxi Driver will be filmed there Saturday. Over on Troutman Street, between Wyckoff and St. Nicholas (fast becoming the St. Marks of Bushwick), we spotted a similar posting for Bushwick: The Movie.

After wondering, for a second, whether the creator of Bushwick The Musical The Movie had managed to score a film deal, we noticed that the name given for the location manager, Chad, was the same as the one on the St. Marks Place posting, as were the shoot times. No surprise, then, that when we called the number for “Chad” (which was the same as the one on the St. Marks flyer, except for one digit) a Chinese guy told us we had the wrong number.

So there you have it. While part of us had wondered whether Taxi Driver 2 might be a red herring for an equally intriguing shoot, it’s looking more likely that it was just a cruel, cruel prank.

If you’re looking for a legit shoot, CBS crime drama Unforgettable is filming in Williamsburg today and yet another CBS crime drama, Elementary, is filming there Friday. Booooring.