(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

After taking over St. Marks earlier this week, Broad City was back at it last night, this time bringing a green-festooned stilt walker into the mix.


“It looks like a bigass joint!” yelped a couple of young geniuses who, upon passing the set, noted, “It’s those bitches!”

“Let’s smoke it!”


On the corner of St. Marks and Third, which was blocked off to traffic, a couple dozen gawkers had clustered to watch.


As the cameras rolled, Abbi and Ilana rounded the corner while having a conversation, only to be accosted by the marijuana(?) monster.


Closer to midnight, they moved to the pizzeria a few doors down from 2 Bros, where — as cameras again rolled — they camped out under a blankie while eating slices.


We would judge them for such uncouth behavior, but we were across the street, downing beer on the Bull McCabes patio.

An array of background actors replicated the hoi polloi of St. Marks.



Including these faux pseudo punks.


All very exciting, but in the end the best thing we saw all night was, well, just regular ol’ St. Marks Place.