Bashful Bags on display at the old Apostrophe gallery (Photo: Raspberry)

Bashful Bags on display at the old Apostrophe gallery (Photo: Raspberry)

Apostrophe, the underground art space/party den that was shuttered last September, may be temporarily between galleries but that doesn’t mean it’s out of action.

This Friday, founders Ki and Sei Smith and nine of their artists will be holding a flash mob art show amidst the beige corrugated surrounds of the Kosciusko Street J train platform. Each artist has created a custom piece in black-and-white on 4×4. “We’ll all come together, and at 6pm, we’ll exit the J train and stick them up,” says Ki.

The decision to exhibit monochrome, uniformly sized works was made in order to maximize the cohesiveness and visual impact of the show. “When you can tie so many eclectic artists and styles together and make them look like they’re really part of the same show,” Ki explains, “it makes it more noticeable—especially in a subway setting.”

The hope is that the art will counteract the eerie alienation of the subway, a bizarre environment where, in Ki’s words, “there are so many people and they’re all so alone.”

And no, Ki isn’t worried about catching the kind of law enforcement flack that folks like Banksy and, now, subway acrobats have gotten. After all, the works will be freestanding. “If the cops come, it’s like, ‘Ok, we’re just waiting for the J train.’ And then two minutes later, the train comes in the station, and we all get in, and it’s over.”

The next day, the artworks will be on display yet again, this time at the Brooklyn Renaissance Festival. And after that, who knows—perhaps they’ll have a space at the still-hypothetical new Apostrophe gallery.

According to Ki, “there are definitely people with money who are excited” about the new space, but there’s still no ETA. With six days to go, the widely publicized Kickstarter campaign has raised $10,656 of the desired $75,000. But with hi-jinks like these, who needs a roof over your art?

The ApostropheNYC Flash Mob Exhibit will be held on Friday, August 18, at the Kosciusko Street J train platform. The show will be in place from approximately 6pm til 7pm, or until it gets busted.