(Courtesy of Hester Street Fair)

(Courtesy of Hester Street Fair)

This could be the most epic ice cream battle since Mr. Softee vs. Master Softee. The Brooklyn Flea and the Hester Street Fair are each hosting ice cream extravaganzas — on the same days. That’s right: between the 10+ vendors (and 50+ flavors!) at Smorgasburg’s Creme de la Creme and the 14 vendors at Hester Street Fair’s Ice Cream Social, you’re pretty much definitely going up a belt size on the weekend of July 19.

Funny enough, both press releases start off with the fact that in 1984, Ronald Reagan declared the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day. And both bonanzas will offer up some heavyweights (though, really, at the end of the day the only heavyweight will be you). In the Flea’s corner is parlor-of-the-moment Morgenstern’s Finest (which — ouch — is right in Hester’s backyard, on the Lower East Side).

In Hester’s corner? Well, fried ice cream, halo halo, and a complimentary toppings bar (no matter what you buy) from RosetteAnd you get a free Uber ride if you sign up here — perfect for shuttling between Creme de la Creme to the Ice Cream Social without breaking the bank (though you will bust your gut). 

Here are the lineups for both cornucopias (cone-ucopias?). All menu descriptions are courtesy of the organizers.



Smorgasburg’s Creme de La Creme
July 19 at 176 Lafayette Ave. in Ft. Greene and July 20 at 50 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Alchemy Creamery – dairy-free ice cream
Blue Marble Ice Cream
Butter & Scotch – Pie Shake
Fort Grace – caramelized nectarine ice cream
Hay Rosie
La Newyorkina – Mexican paletas
Monsieur Singh –  frozen Indian lassi/yogurt
Morgenstern’s Finest
Odd Fellows – innovative flavors
People’s Pops – ice fruit pops
Phin & Phebe’s
Steve’s – vegan ice cream donut sandwich
The Good Batch – classic ice cream cookie sandwiches
Victory Garden – goat milk ice cream

Hester Street Fair’s Ice Cream Social 
Hester Street Fair, Hester and Essex Sts., Lower East Side; 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
unnamedMelt Bakery – Ice cream sandwiches
La Newyorkina – Mexican paletas
Davey’s Ice Cream – Ultra-premium Ice Cream
Lezzetli Ice Cream – Turkish ice cream
Baldies & Friend – An original take on the classic choco taco
Helo Halo – Filipino shaved ice treat
Tipsy Scoop – Liquor infused ice cream
Adirondack Creamery – Farm fresh & local
DF Mavens – Dairy-free ice cream
TropPops -100% whole fruit on a stick dipped in dark couverture chocolate. 
Luca and Bosco – Fine crafted ice cream 
Mom & Popsicles – Family made popsicles & popsicles for your pets
Sam’s Fried Ice Cream – Fried on the spot
Daly Pie – What’s ice cream without pie?