When we saw this latest “Looking for a Girlfriend” poster up around the East Village, we thought it might be one of our previous flyer boys. Probably not swinging-man Alex, but possibly lonely-hearted Luis. This assumption was based on similar, defensive wording: “I’m really looking for a girlfriend. This is not a joke. Just tired of the singles scene and hoping to meet the right person…Open to the possibility of the relationship morphing into something more profound.”

Turns out we were wrong. Yet another lamppost lothario has arrived on the scene (three’s a trend!). Allow us to introduce Dan Perino, king of all flyer boys, whom we caught up with while he went about his business along that most sparkly stretch of town, Fifth Avenue.

BB_Q(1)Am I speaking with Luis?

BB_A(1)No. It’s Dan.

BB_Q(1)Did you put up a flyer looking for a Girlfriend?

BB_A(1)Yeah, that’s me. I’ve been trying to cope with the phone calls. I’ve had over 400.



BB_Q(1)Wait—from potential girlfriends?

BB_A(1)Well, some of them were joke calls, but yeah, basically. But I’m not looking to have sex right away, you know, it’s not about that. I just need to find a girlfriend.

BB_Q(1)OK, well I’m not a potential girlfriend and I’m not a prank caller—I’m a journalist, writing for a local publication. We thought you were one of our other flyer boys. But this is the first flyer you’ve made?

BB_A(1)No, I’ve put up numerous flyers that have also got me on the news. I’ve been on CBS, ABC, the New York Post, NBC Today, and maybe some morning talk shows.

BB_Q(1)Wow. When did you first put up these posters?

BB_A(1)Friday. But I’m a very creative guy and there’s not only one reason why I’m putting up the flyer.

BB_Q(1)Is one of the reasons because you saw other flyers like this?

BB_A(1)No. Nobody else has ever done this.

BB_Q(1)Yeah they have. I spoke to two of them.

BB_A(1)OK. Well, it just came to me. I didn’t copy anybody else. But I put up a lot of flyers when I do this. I put up 500 flyers a day, maybe more.


BB_A(1)All over town: West Village, East Village, Midtown, Chelsea.

BB_Q(1)How old are you?

BB_A(1)50. So is this an interview?

BB_Q(1)Yeah. But it’s weird, because I thought I’d already spoken with you. Because of all the other flyer boys around.

BB_A(1)OK. Sorry, it’s hard to hear—it’s noisy here on Fifth Avenue. Well, I’m not just doing this for a girlfriend. And I’d be happy to give you an in-depth interview, it’s just I can’t really go into details over the phone. It’s too intense. And it’ll take too much time, because I’m putting up flyers now.

BB_Q(1)Why are you still putting them up, if you’ve already had 400 responses?

BB_A(1)Good question. Well, one of the reasons is a book. It’s a social experiment that I’m doing. In addition to the social experiment, it is to find a girlfriend. But it is to do a lot more than just being selfish.

BB_Q(1)You’ve written a book before?

BB_A(1)I’ve written two books before. About real estate. This was many years ago. I made a lot of money on that, got married, and bought a huge house over in Jersey. But then I got divorced and got screwed out of all my money. I’m an artist, so I’m a very creative person. If somebody else posts a flyer, they’re more than welcome to do it. I’ve just been posting flyers for 34 years, so I’m very fast.

BB_Q(1)What other flyers have you posted?

BB_A(1)The acting ones, if you’ve seen them? A couple of painting flyers. When I was younger, I used to post flyers. The painting flyers I did a lot. So that’s 34 years and 500 flyers per day. I’ve posted over 6 million flyers.

BB_Q(1)And you make a living off the flyers?

BB_A(1)Yeah. I make a very good living. It depends on the job I get. I just made three grand painting a mural in somebody’s house. It took a week and a half.

BB_Q(1)How do you get time to do the jobs if you’re always posting flyers?

BB_A(1)Oh, then I post at night and in the morning.

BB_Q(1)So with this latest project, you’ve only made one variety of Girlfriend flyer?

BB_A(1)No but that’s a good question. There will be another flyer that comes after this one, in 30 days. The wording will be all different. I really can’t say much over the phone because I don’t wanna be copied.

In closing I just want to say that—and I’m not bragging—there is nobody else in New York who can post a flyer quicker than I can. It takes me less than one second to post a flyer, believe it or not. It was all on the news, when they showed it. It’s very interesting talking to you, can we continue this conversation in about two hours? [He’s got flyers to post.]

BB_Q(1)One last question: out of the 400 responses you’ve got so far, how many have been serious?

BB_A(1)That’s a good question. I would say 90% have been serious. But I didn’t meet the girl yet. We’ve been talking for about 2 hours every night on the phone. She’s a beautiful person. I’ve never seen her in person.

BB_Q(1)So you’ve chosen one lucky lady?

BB_A(1)Yeah. I’m not having sex with anybody for 30 days, for this project. But I did get a lot of calls from men too because of the way the flyer’s worded. I think all people are beautiful. I do. But stupid men just think I could swing both ways or something, by reading that.

BB_Q(1)Seems weird, because it’s not ambiguous about the “Girlfriend” part.

BB_A(1)Yeah. [Verbal shrug.] I also wanted to say that I’m not only getting recognized in the city—almost every few blocks now—I’m getting calls from Hawaii, San Diego, Florida, Texas, it goes on and on. Because I’m all over the Internet. There’s good things to happen from this. I have to get going here.

BB_Q(1)OK. Bye.