IMG_4716While surveying the lineup for Hester Street Fair’s Ice Cream Social, we noticed that one of the vendors, Baldies, is offering a “Chaco” that’s described as “an artisanal take on the beloved ‘Choco Taco’ dessert.” Basically it’s a crepe shell filled with ice cream, with toppings like melted chocolate, almonds, and sea salt.

This isn’t the first time “The Original Ice Cream Taco” has gotten too fancy for its own good. Ever since we spotted this cappuccino machine at a gas station in Lake Placid, New York, we’ve regretted having gotten our morning coffee at the nearby Howard Johnson’s (one of just two remaining nationwide) rather than finding out what a Choco Taco-ccino tastes like.

Has anyone seen these within city limits? (There are shockingly few mentions of them on the interwebz). We’d like to drink a cup out of a mustachioed mason jar.