Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.56.37 PMAs we donned our machinist goggles to survey the invitation for Steampunk Weekend’s Lost Circus, one thing stood out (which is saying a lot): The Balloonatic. Immediately, we poked around to see if The Balloonatic’s “extreme balloons” could be seen online, and the below video is what we found (you’ll need to be signed into Facebook to see it).

Now, we’re not sure if Nick the Balloonatic, who can clearly twist a balloon better than Miley Cyrus can twist her tongue, is the same Balloonatic that’ll be at Lost Circus (that one works with Neverland Balloons), but as far as we’re concerned this guy is The Balloonatic, period.

Bravo, Balloonatic, bravo.

Update: We’ve now heard from the balloon artist who’ll be doing Steampunk Weekend and, as suspected, he’s not the same as Nick the Balloonatic, who created the video above. But Joshua “The Balloonatic” Clark, owner of Neverland Balloons, insists he’ll be making “pretty much anything anyone can ask for” at Lost Circus. He’s done everyone from Elvis to Barack Obama in the past, so feel free to request Miley. Plus, next Tuesday evening in Times Square, he plans to unveil a life-size Iron Man costume made out of balloons. He truly is a balloonatic!

Here’s Obama riding a velociraptor.