Lena gets excited at last year's anti-bash (Photo courtesy of Justin Jay)

Lena gets excited at last year’s anti-bash (Photo courtesy of Justin Jay)

The Lowline folks are on a roll. Less than a month after a lucrative benefit netted them $30,000 for their ambitious underground park project, they’ve released a save-the-date for their Anti-Gala 2014. The no doubt glitzy October 8 event will be the third such—with this year’s iteration set to be hosted by none other than Spike Jonze and Lena Dunham. Individual tickets are retailing for $1,500, while a table will set you back $25,000.

Last year's Anti-Gala (Photo courtesy of Justin Jay)

Last year’s Anti-Gala (Photo courtesy of Justin Jay)

Given the lofty ticket prices, just what makes this an Anti-Gala? “We try to take the things that we find kind of annoying about these events and do something different and inspiring,” explains Robyn Shapiro, the project’s Director of Community. “Just like our park is not going to be your typical park, these Anti-Gala events aren’t your typical events.”

At last year’s event, for instance, individual guests were occasionally whisked away from the cocktail hour into a private room with an entirely different ambiance and a special performance. “These subtle surprises are meant to bring just a bit of magic to the evening,” says Shapiro.

The two hosts actually met at last year’s Anti-Gala, and Shapiro divulges that guests will be seeing a lot of them throughout the evening—although she can’t give more details than that. “Spike lives on the Lower East Side and Lena grew up downtown, and of course her TV show is all about New York City, so they have a lot of relevance to the area and a lot of passion for the project,” she says.

Diane von Furstenberg is on the Host Committee (Photo courtesy of Justin Jay)

Diane von Furstenberg (pictured with Ed Norton) is on the Host Committee (Photo courtesy of Justin Jay)

The evening will begin with a cocktail party upstairs at Skylight Modern, before moving (appropriately) to the location’s subterranean space for a sit-down meal. An after-party will take place, although details regarding this nightcap have not yet been finalized.

According to Shapiro, the focal point of the evening will be the unveiling of new technological findings and never-before-seen renderings of the project—including images of the streetscape above the park, which will reveal the exact placement of entrances and the ways in the which the project will support De Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative.

Lots of people came last year, and the project organisers hope this year's event will be even more productive (Photo: Justin Jay)

Lots of people came last year, and the project organisers hope this year’s event will be even more lucrative (Photo: Justin Jay)

The number of guests is expected to be around 300. Last year’s event raised over $300,000 and Shapiro says they’re hoping to raise more this time round, “as we continue to build enthusiasm and support for the project.” Funds will go towards advocacy efforts, and further technology and design research (including investigations into exactly which kinds of plant life will survive in the park’s unusual environment).

If you’re loaded and like subterranean spaces, get tickets here. If you’re not loaded and secretly just really want to see Lena, allow us to recommend her just announced (FREE) book tour appearance at the Union Square Barnes & Noble.