Fort Tildenscreening tomorrow at Northside Festival, depicts a pair of naive, privileged, and self-obsessed friends journeying to the Rockaways. It’s a sunny, snarky quest to some very funny places.

These are people you know, turned up just a few notches. Alongside actor Clare McNulty, the other lead is played brilliantly by Bridey Elliott (yes, daughter of Late Night with David Letterman’s Chris and sister to Saturday Night Live’s Abby).

While she lives in Harlem, Bridey is also a regular at McCarren Park in Williamsburg where she likes to people-watch, read, and recover from a night out in the neighborhood with her sister. While enjoying frozen margaritas in a giant styrofoam cup (a common accessory at the park and a hair of the dog that bit Bridey), she talked about the “awful” character she plays in the movie, the “entitled” Millennial generation, and the new breed of entertainment featuring women who get to be “assholes” just like men!

Watch the video above and then check out Bridey’s take on other hot topics that pop up in Fort Tilden, below.

On dick pics:

On taking molly:

On going topless:

Fort Tilden plays for one night only at Nitehawk Cinema Tuesday June 17 at 9:45 pm as part of The Northside Festival