At first glance the most exciting thing about the latest update from Brooklyn Night Bazaar is the announcement that local titans Titus Andronicus are playing a July 11 show put on by Mailchimp (the service we use for our handy Bedford + Bowery newsletter, hint hint).

If you missed the post-punkers’ show at Northside (see below for their ridiculous cover of “Closing Time”), this is another chance to see them for free — just days after the Bazaar’s backlight badminton court opens. (You didn’t hear? badminton is the new ping-pong.)

But actually, the most exciting thing about the Night Bazaar’s calendar is this: Chouffe Fest. The adorbs mascot of one of our fave beers, La Chouffe — a lil’ guy who’s a cross between a Smurf and Santa Claus — is being honored via a Belgian beer fest that, on June 19, will convert the Greenpoint warehouse space into “a gnome-inspired realm using a larger-than-life entranceway, an eight-foot tall gnome throne photo booth and big-scale versions of the classic games checkers, Jenga and Connect Four.”

Tickets to this tweeness are $10, which is kind of steep for a corporate beer promotion, but we recommend you splurge on this and a faux elephant tusk (actual drinking vessel now being sold at the Bazaar by a Brooklyn-based company) to drink the Mc Chouffe out of.