Last night Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show, Between Two Ferns) once again brought his farcical Comedy Bang Bang podcast to NYU Skirball for a live taping. We hit the late show, where guest Wyatt Cenac revealed that his next comedy special, taped in January, will be out by the end of summer — on video and then also on limited-edition vinyl. He noted the special was taped in Brooklyn — which didn’t get much of a response.

“Clearly pandering is useless,” said the former Daily Show correspondent (we’re quoting from memory; recorders weren’t allowed). “Unless it’s Manhattan-based pandering.”

When that got a proper round of hooting and applause from the many NYU kids in the audience, he kept it going — “I was walking on Houston Street earlier…” — and gave a shoutout to the C train as well.

In actuality, Cenac is Brooklyn-based: he hosts the Night Train weekly at Littlefield as well as the monthly Shouting at the Screen series at Bell House. In February, he told Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher, on their podcast The Champs, a little bit about his forthcoming LP, Live in Brooklyn: “I’m going Brooklyn artisanal with it, that’s why I did it in Brooklyn.” But on this particular evening he had to leave early for business on the island. After some prodding, he revealed that he had to get to the upfronts — presumably to plug his upcoming AMC comedy.

That left Aukerman to the show’s improv portion, with Paul F. Tompkins playing Alan Thicke and SNL’s Bobby Moynihan playing his recurring character Fourvel, a Dickensian scamp who (as usual) ended up stabbing the host.

We probably should’ve put SPOILER ALERT in front of that — the show will air sometime in the near future.