Medieval Future isn’t one of the video games that you’ll be able to play at Kickstarter’s Greenpoint block party this Saturday (it hasn’t yet been finished) but boy do we hope its online fundraiser turns it into a reality so we can play it soon.

The duo behind Bushwick-based globHAMMER – consisting of SCAD grad Ryan Michael Ford and award-winning programmer Brad Henderson – has already made some strides on its “fine-art video game.” Here’s some animation that explains the hero Minerva’s fleshless arm:

There’s also a trailer (at top of page) that shows her battling everyone and everything from pink-mohawked “psycho punks” to “Misero the demonic,” a bat-like creature who (true story) collects mouses in a stinky purse and sticks them to trees in what’s described as a “Sisyphean task.” (Yeah. This is not Super Mario Bros.)

The game, set in the year 1515 AS (After Source), looks kind of like an artsy version of Altered Beast. In it, Minerva must “summon the Worm God” for protection and fashion blades via “thought energy.” There’s also a very Burroughs-sounding drug called Hyper-glide Wet. (Did we mention the designers are Bushwick-based?)

If they can manage to raise about $8,000 in the Kickstarter campaign’s final days, they’ll be on their way to completing the HTML and Java-based game so it can be played on your Mac or PC’s internet browsers. Here’s hoping a healthy dose of thought energy comes their way in the next 67 hours.