The Lucas Brothers are comics and identical twins. And Keith and Kenny don’t just look alike — they also dress alike. One Lucas Bro says their twin dynamic is “deeper than brother-brother,” as the other Bro finishes the thought with, “we’re the same person.”

You can’t argue with that, and you also can’t argue with them. Their hazy, chill demeanor is as smooth as it is entertaining. And they are hilariously entertaining. To prove it, they have an animated series on FOX called Lucas Bros. Moving Co. about twins too stoned and too weak to move anything; an upcoming sketch show on TruTV packed with their standup buddies called Friends of the People; and a big-screen turn in the blockbuster sequel 22 Jump Street, starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill (not twins themselves).

Despite all that action, they keep it real by being regulars at the cozy by day and killer by night bar-restaurant Tutu’s in Bushwick. It’s here where they toss back margaritas and get-down at the dance parties downstairs. Watch them talk about their work and play in this first video. Then see them rhapsodize on favorite subjects like weed and wrestling in the videos below.

22 Jump Street


Weed vs. Booze