Is Moby just monkeying around, or is he aping Diane Arbus or what?

Comedian Greg Barris — who, incidentally, is doing another set with Dave Hill, this time at Union Hall on Monday — tells us he just installed one of the musician/photographer/castle-keeper’s photographs on the side of Quality Mending Co., at the behest of the store’s owner and the wall’s curator Oliver Harkness.

Receiving shows a white-draped person in an primate mask, lurking in a supermarket aisle (next to the Kibbles ‘n Bits, if that matters). No, it’s not another viral marketing campaign for a crappy horror movie. It’s part of the ex-Lower East Sider’s Innocents series, based on the premise that after the apocalypse of 2012 (it was a very subtle apocalypse, mind you), members of the “cult of innocents” started wearing masks to hide the shame they felt about having brought a cataclysmic cultural shift upon themselves. (Or did you think Moby got stoned to Diane Arbus’s Untitled while lounging next to his pool and decided to mess around with a Planet of the Apes mask?)

The piece is among those by Bjork, Shepard Fairey, Kenzo Minami, and others being auctioned online as well as at a benefit event at Tibet House tomorrow.