Girls filmed a scene on Bedford, at The Bedford, today. How much more Bedford can you get?

Sean Rawlinson, the restaurant’s owner, said he’s no Girls expert (mm-hmm) but he did recognize Allison Williams, who was talking to two of the other girls.

Lena and crew arrived at the restaurant’s Back Bar at 5 a.m. and started filming around 8 a.m. Rawlinson didn’t overhear any spoilers, but he got this much for us: there wasn’t a murder. “I said to one of the girls, ‘Is this scene going to be something horrible? I don’t want my restaurant to be portrayed as one of the girls dies or the boyfriend breaks up with her,’ and she said, ‘No, no, it’s nothing too serious.”

Maybe it was a birthday scene? It was Lena’s 28th yesterday.

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