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The graphic surveillance footage below shows the brutal attack on a 68-year-old that happened Friday night in the East Village. It was sent to us by a resident of 745 East Sixth Street, where the assault occurred. “At first I heard yelling and didn’t think much of it,” said our tipster, who asked to remain anonymous, “until a couple of minutes later when I also heard police radios chirping. I looked outside and saw a bloodied man being taken off by a stretcher and into an ambulance.”

The footage confirms what police have said — that the victim was approached from behind by a younger man who began yelling at him. When the victim turned away, he was flung against a wall, punched in the head, and stomped on. In the video, people are seen passing by without seeming to help until a woman finally stays with the man until police arrive.

Updated May 11, 8 p.m.:The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he died from his injuries on Saturday, police said. He has been identified as ​Ruan Wen Hui, a resident of Avenue C. We have revised the headline to reflect the update.