It’s the year of the LES woman!

Because the “Heroines of the LES” mural couldn’t fit everybody, the East Village’s Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space is hosting a film festival honoring the “Women of the Lower East Side.”

The urban homesteader museum’s second annual film fest (last year’s focused on reclaimed space) will celebrate women who shaped the history of the area, “from the immigrant communities of the turn-of-the-20th Century Lower East Side to the avant-garde art spaces of the East Village and the ever-changing landscape of the area today.” It runs from August 1 to 9 in various theaters and community gardens, and tickets can be purchased here starting June 15.

If you’re an amateur filmmaker who’s work focuses on local heroines like the Singing Vegan Lady or Lucy (The Local’s profile of her is above), you can submit a DVD or link to your short (which must be 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length) to There’s a $10 entry fee.