Not the kale salad at Tiny's, but. (Photo: Melissa Hom)

Not the kale salad at Tiny’s, but. (Photo: Melissa Hom)

Kale salads kind of jumped the shark when the Times said they were “hot in Manhattan social circles” a year ago, and we definitely aren’t going to be eating any after a reptile head was apparently found in one last month. But if you haven’t moved on to spazzing about ramps and you’re still crazy for kale, then Tiny’s has just the thing for you.

The hip Tribeca restaurant promises that chef Paul Nanez and his team will teach you “the secret to preparing the ultimate Kale Salad.” We assume this involves massaging the kale, but for $75 someone should be massaging you.

“As part of the workshop you will receive a step-by-step interactive tutorial on how to make this Tiny’s longtime favorite, while feasting on a selection of appetizers paired with some of our favorite wines,” reads the e-mail.

If that sounds like a blast, call the restaurant to make a reservation for the April 26 tutorial.