(Images courtesy of DF Mavens)

(Images courtesy of DF Mavens)

We’ve gotten our hot little hands on a pair of renderings for DF Mavens, the dairy-free ice cream store set to open later this year on the corner of St. Mark’s Place and Second Avenue.

This will be the first brick-and-mortar store for a brand whose frozen treats are manufactured in Astoria and sold at Whole Foods, Commodities Natural Market, Bedford Natural, Khim’s Millennium Market and other retailers.

DF MAvens - interior

The folks at DF Mavens pride themselves on being “dairy-free” mavens (hence the name). CEO Malcolm Stogo previously helmed Stogo, a vegan ice cream shop on 10th Street that he parted ways with before it eventually closed in late 2012. Mr. Stogo is something of an ice cream academic; his books on the subject include Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert: A Commercial Guide to Production and Marketing, How to Succeed in the Incredible Ice Cream Business, and Incredible Ice Cream: Making It Your Way with Passion.

An opening date has yet to be determined. Right now the store (which will replace Eastside Bakery and occupy the space underneath the former home of 8 Bit and Up) is still in demolition phase.