photo(5)Williamsburg-Greenpoint is getting a 17,000-square-foot training facility where locals can work off the beers they downed next-door at Spritzenhaus. While their kids are looked after.

Brooklyn Athletic Club is slated to open in July in the heart of Berry Hill, at 8 Berry Street. The four-floor complex will feature a full gym, yoga and pilates classes, and triathlon and strong man training rooms.

The man behind the scenes, Larry Betz, is the former owner of Maxim Health and Fitness – now called Chalk – on N 9th Street and Driggs. The seasoned strength and conditioning coach and trainer opened the space in 2004 and then sold it to his partner, who has since sold it again.

Betz says he hopes to provide an alternative to more rigid programs like CrossFit or boot camps and cater to gym-goers who can’t regularly afford personal training sessions. The club will have a full-service gymnasium as well as opportunities for individual and small-group personal training. Betz says membership and training prices will be competitive – twice-a-week training in a group of 10 will cost you around $185 for a month.

The basement of the facility will consist of a triathlon training room, featuring two endless pools, two bikes, two treadmills and a coaching staff area. The first floor will contain 100 feet of indoor turf, which Betz says is necessary for his style of strength and conditioning.

There will also be a roof deck. And, yes, day-care services. Welcome to Williamsburg circa 2014!