The best-named band of all-time, the Harmonica Lewinskies (last seen lending some cheer to a Satanic smokeout) is back from SXSW and playing Rockwood Music Hall tomorrow at 10 p.m. Which gives us an excuse to post the new video for “Sari Girl,” off their second album Dad Rock.

The Lewinskies are definitely putting it all out there with this way-too-catchy number: in it, a self-described “bloody American boy with curiosity” confesses that “some Hindi girls, you see them on the train and they’re just so goddamn beautiful” — specifically this one who probably goes to NYU. Then dude belts out the chorus: “got to see what’s under that sari, girl.” Oh, boy.

While this isn’t going to cause the sort of controversy that American Apparel’s racy “Made in Bangladesh” ad recently did, we do feel obligated to point out that, guys, Hindi is a language — you probably mean “Hindu girls,” not “Hindi girls.” If you’re going to fetishize the other, at least get your shit straight!

Did we mention this song is way too catchy?