This week, we asked Mr. Throwback what his childhood snack of choice was. Gushers? Fruit Roll-Ups? Fun Dip? Bugles? Damn, the ’90s had good snacks.

Yes, all of those artificial ingredient-laden treats were fun and delicious, but Mr. Throwback went with the most fun and delicious treat of them all: Dunk-a-roos!

Before parents were all “gluten free” this and “no sugar added” that, Dunk-a-roos were the dopest lunchbox delicacy in the game. Launched by Betty Crocker in the late 80s, Dunk-a-roos featured the winning combination of cookies and icing. Cookies came in the shape of the snack’s mascot, Sydney the Kangaroo, or the letter “D.” In the mid 90s, Sydney was replaced by Duncan – a newer, edgier kangaroo.

Dunk-a-roos came in a range of flavor combos, including chocolate icing with graham cookies, vanilla icing with chocolate cookies and rainbow sprinkle icing with chocolate-chip graham cookies. Yum!

Here’s what Mr. Throwback had to say about the tasty goodness, discontinued in 2012:

One of my favorite childhood snacks (or candy, I guess) is Dunk-a-roos. I think any 90s kid would agree. 

I’m all for any cookie that comes with a dipping frosting. The chocolate was delicious but the Oreo icing… OMG I can taste it right now. Might have to buy a box.

Sometimes I’d stick my finger in the icing and eat that and just throw the cookies away (sounds dirty).

How does Mr. Throwback Dunk his Dunk-a-roo??? He does the Thunder Dunk!!!

And if you’re hankering for some Dunk-a-roos right now, there are plenty for sale on eBay.