We’re not sure how we managed to miss “Heroes” when the group show came to The Lodge Gallery last fall: it showcased what was basically a who’s who of downtown cool kids (if you can call late Ramones fixture Arturo Vega a kid). Luckily Glassine Box, the collective of superfriends that put it on, just posted a mini doc that allows us to fake having been there.

In it, Adam Green talks about his depictions of “down and out, fat Supermen” and his portrait of Macaulay Culkin, model/photographer Marcel Castenmiller explains why he paired John Gotti with Osama Bin Laden for a hero-themed exhibition (don’t worry, Bin Laden is not one of his heroes), Jack Ridley III of Drowners explains why a leather jacket makes for a good canvas, and Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes tells the story of his icon-like statues of astronauts and cosmonauts.

Also in the video: Johnny T of Niagara, Donald Cumming of The Virgins, and basically everyone else you’ve ever worried your date was going to ditch you for at Cabin Down Below.