The Strand has posted footage of last week’s talk between Williamsburg photographer Amy Touchette and The World Famous *BOB*. The duo met backstage at CBGB, then at Bliss Cafe on Bedford Avenue, and eventually spent a year collaborating on what’s now a photo book about the legendary “female female impersonator,” titled Shoot The Arrow. During the talk, *BOB* recalls doing her first burlesque show after her drag mother Jackie Beat told her, “You should mix a drink in your boobs, they’re big enough.”

“Martini Time” debuted at The Cock in 1997. “Not the new Cock on First Avenue,” *BOB* clarifies. “It’s the old Cock on A and 12th that’s like a cafe now — don’t eat there, that’s so scary.”

She goes on to explain, “The new Cock bar is in a bar that used to be called The Hole, so the new Cock is in the old Hole and I worked at the old Cock. And that’s the truth. It’s on my resume.”

Check out 30 photos from the book (starting with a nude shot) here.