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Photoplay, one of the city’s last great video stores in this age of Netflix, will close on Wednesday night at 11 p.m. after 12 years in Greenpoint. A store clerk, Evan, said owner Michael Sayers informed him of the closing a week ago.

Before you hop on the G to buy some vintage spaghetti westerns or fresh noir, you should know that Photoplay’s not having a final sale. Evan said he’s helping Sayers box up all of the merchandise so it can be moved into storage and valuated during the month of March.

Photoplay has been described as a “cathedral” for cinephiles and “the best holdout of the video-store era”. Sayers, a veteran of Bleecker Street Cinema and 8th Street Playhouse who worked at Film Forum for 12 years before opening the shop across from its current location, said business was “very stable” when he was interviewed in 2011. But things may have changed since then. “He just said it’s just not working anymore, I’m not making any money,” Evan told us.

We haven’t yet been able to reach Sayers himself. We’ll let you know if we hear more.

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