It’s never a dull week in the nostalgic universe of Mr. Throwback. This week, he celebrated Michael Jordan’s birthday and appeared on Fox 5 News. He also made his throwback pick of the week.

Clearly Mr. Throwback has a thing for pillows, because this time the ruler of retro selected Pillow People: an adorable/creepy line rectangular pillows with faces, arms, legs and (possibly) feelings popularized in the ’80s. Some notable Pillow People were Mr. Sandman, Mr. Thunderclap and Big Footsteps (the creators of the Pillow People may or may not have been taking hallucinogens during the name selection process).

Here’s what Mr. Throwback has to say about these cuddly freaks of nature:

This is super random. If you weren’t someone born in the early ’80s with an older sibling, you probably don’t know anything about Pillow People.

My older sister Jaclyn had a Pillow Person and all I really remember is that it’s an actual pillow with hair, arms and legs.

Really, who wouldn’t want a Pillow Person growing up? I mean, it does absolutely nothing – it doesn’t talk, it doesn’t go fast, but come on – it’s a freaking totally awesome pillow.

Maybe my mom wanted us to sleep whenever we went out with her so we wouldn’t be annoying little kids at the mall.

But… I can bring my Pillow Person anywhere! I can drag it, I can punch it, I can jump on it, OH, AND I can cuddle with it. Amazing!!!

Everyone needs a Pillow Person!

Well, we’re sold. We’ll take one Big Footsteps please.