Mayoral also-ran Jimmy McMillan has always been concerned about world hunger (“not only is the rent too damn high, the food is too damn high,” he recently rapped) but the latest of the East Villager’s fantastic r&b synth jams, “Eat,” probably isn’t about that kind of hunger — even if he’s saying “let me eat your cookie” over and over again. Peep the breakdown at 2:15 — naturally Jimmy Mac likes his cookies with whipped cream.

In other news, Jimmy apparently has a book up his gloved sleeve, in which he’ll explain that “There is No Deficit. There is No Sequester. There is No Fiscal Cliff. What is known as Obama-care is already paid for and know one understand. Not even the President of the United States.” For more on all that, listen to another recent track, “US President, Barack Obama Messed Up”: