So Saturday Spring ’86 Collection

It’s easy to be charmed by the Bushwick-based design duo behind the recently launched clothing line So Saturday. Their nicknames are Captain and Doc, they have a knack for finishing each other’s sentences and their one-of-a-kind button ups are printed with lobsters, avocados and corndogs. They surf, they skate, and they document their adventures on a Super 8 camera. They also embody an enviable blend of laid-back California cool (radical, dude) with a can-do New York attitude.


So Saturday Spring ’86 Collection

So Saturday’s first collection, Erotica, was produced right here in New York and is coming soon to a surf shop or hip boutique near you (that is, if you live here or in California). We sat down with Josh “Captain” Goldsmith and Annelise “Doc” Jeske to find out a little bit more about their brand. They shared a grilled cheese sandwich.

BB_Q(1) How did you two meet?

BB_A(1) Doc: We both lived in San Francisco at the same time, but we didn’t know each other until we moved here.

Captain: I only knew one person here, which was her roommate, so we started hanging out and making stuff together two years ago.

BB_Q(1) How would you describe the general aesthetic of So Saturday?

BB_A(1) Captain: It’s gotta work but not be boring – is that too vague?

Doc: Functionality and simple everyday cuts is part of what we do, but we’re really defined by bright colors and bold patterns. We want to make things that stand out and that people feel excited about.


So Saturday Spring ’86 Collection

BB_Q(1) Where do you find inspiration for your prints?

BB_A(1) Captain: We’re really into textiles used by surfing and climbing companies in the ’80s.

BB_A(1) Doc: What’s the photographer whose book we got for Christmas?

Captain: Jeff Devine.

Doc: He took surf photos in the ’80s. Just looking through the shorts people were wearing in Malibu in the ’80s is pretty spot-on what we aim for.

Captain: There are very few things that actually last through the kinds of things that we do that look crazy and fun. It’s almost out of necessity – to look how we want without having our shit fall off of us.

BB_Q(1) I’m assuming you’re both surfers, skateboarders…

BB_A(1) Captain: Yeah, off and on. It’s been a bit cold recently to skateboard or surf, but we’re down for whatever. Any kind of outdoorsy activity.

Doc: Adventures.

BB_Q(1) Do you design with a person in mind? Is that person you?

BB_A(1) Captain: It started off as ourselves.

Doc: I think I still design for myself, or for both of us, in a lot of ways.

Captain: But a lot of the time we’ll make custom things for people specifically to help how they live their life. For myself, I designed a lighter pocket so I could have a lighter on my person without it taking up pocket room.

So Saturday Spring '86 Collection

So Saturday Spring ’86 Collection

BB_Q(1) That is brilliant.

BB_A(1) Captain: If there’s any way that a garment can work for what you’re doing in your day-to-day life, that’s what we like to try to go for.

BB_Q(1) Is there a dream person who you wish would wear your clothes?

BB_A(1) Captain: If we could go back in time, Hunter S. Thompson would be cool. I like watching videos of him because the way that he carries himself and the clothing that he wears was so unique compared to the other people in the world of journalism and writing. Do you have a person? Michael Jackson?

BB_Q(1) Pick a living person, so perhaps one day it can come true.

BB_A(1) Doc: Ariel Pink.

BB_Q(1) Do you guys have day jobs?

BB_A(1) Doc: I’m a freelance videographer. I was doing that fulltime until about six months ago and it’s been a good balance since then.

BB_Q(1) So I’m assuming you made the video that’s on your website?

BB_A(1) Doc: Yeah, we did that on my Super 8 camera – everything was shot on real film. That’s been something that’s been really cool for us, too; we both have other interests like photography, video, web design and we’ve been doing everything ourselves.

Captain: It’s always been about using it as an excuse to do all the things we would do anyway. Now we have a reason to take photos, now we have a reason to go to the beach to go surfing. I work a day job too — I’m a barista at Hungry Ghost in Brooklyn.

BB_Q(1) What’s the vibe like when you’re working? Do you listen to music?

BB_A(1) Captain: Music is crucial. It’s gotta be new and good and groovy. I have a huge record collection, but we’ve exhausted it.

Doc: We’ve been listening to a lot of Connan Moccasin lately.

So Saturday Spring '86 Collection

So Saturday Spring ’86 Collection

BB_Q(1) There’s clearly a real West Coast vibe about your brand, but I’m curious in what ways you’re influenced by New York?

BB_A(1) Captain: It keeps us motivated. I love California, I spent 25 years there, but I ran into a lot of, “Oh, we should do this, we should do that,” whereas here it’s, “We’re going to do this, do you want to come?” It’s set into motion a lot faster than anything I experienced in California. There you discuss and have really cool ideas. There’s a lot of…

BB_A(1) Doc: Potential.

Captain: Here it seems to be a lot of kinetic energy. If you can make something happen in California, that’s impressive.