Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.47.31 AMWith the Pizza Underground dropping a new music video, Macaulay Culkin is suddenly hot and on everyone’s lips. But Brett Davis had no idea such a comeback was in store when, on a whim, he named his new comedy showcase the Macaulay Culkin Show.

“When we named the show he was kind of — I don’t want to say irrelevant, but off the grid, so to speak,” said Davis, whose comic alteregos include wrestler Bobby Blayze, singer Craig Evanhalen and others. “He was just someone who the paparazzi took photos of. So the idea of him doing a comedy show seemed funny to us.”

Davis isn’t the first person to appropriate Mac. For starters, Leo Fitzpatrick opened Home Alone 2 gallery, where Larry Clark is currently selling off tons of snapshots for $100 a pop.

Anyway: Davis put out an e-mail advertising the first Macaulay Culkin Show, at Shea Stadium last month, as a “wake for the recently deceased actor Macaulay Culkin.” The e-mail read: “We’re trying to get the word out, as the legions of Macaulaholics are mourning and need to laugh again.”

But the joke was on Davis, kind of — days after the invite went out, Macaulay showed everyone he was alive and kicking when his pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band blew up. Which didn’t stop the “wake” from happening: during a show that featured Wyatt Cenac and others, Davis and his co-host Brian Mcelroy led a group prayer for Mac.

On Sunday, Jan. 19, at 7 p.m., the Macaulay Culkin show returns to Shea Stadium, this time with a show revolving around “Macaualy being born,” and featuring B+B fave Dave Hill along with Noel Wells (Saturday Night Live), Murderfist (The Wolf of Wall Street, Adult Swim), Brooke Van Poppelen (Girl Code, Comedy Central), Larry Murphy (Bob’s Burgers, Delocated), and Good Cop Great Cop (NYTVF).

Plus, there’ll be a “mystery celebrity guest,” Davis promises. One has to wonder: will the show’s namesake actually make an appearance? Davis won’t say, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. If Macaulay is cool enough to throw Nintendo-themed costume parties and appear in papier-mâché movies, anything’s possible.