(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Those of us crying yellow tears over the loss of Sushi Lounge can now rejoice: it’s back, baby, it’s back! Yes, Alex Stupak is still taking over its old home on Avenue A, but just a block west at 58 St. Marks Place, hole-in-the-wall sushi joint Natori has transformed itself into the reincarnated Sushi Lounge.

Sushi Lounge’s owners decided that the corner property at St Marks and A was too expensive, and — in a move reminiscent of Parish Hall becoming Egg — decided to turn their second restaurant, Natori, into the popular Sushi Lounge.

Last week, the infamous “half price sushi” banner was placed outside Natori and today, the old Sushi Lounge signs hung in all their glory.

“We are now Sushi Lounge,” said a representative from the restaurant on Wednesday night. “We will still have the other menu, but we want to be sushi focused. We’re still working on the changes.”

In addition to half-priced spicy salmon rolls and combination sashimi platters, beloved Natori classics like fried chicken wings, okonomiyaki, and ramen are available. The broiled alligator, however, has been 86’d.

So there you have it, folks: you can still have your half-off sushi and eat it too. And yes, beer pitchers are also half-off.