Kickin it old school

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

An NYU student jumped to his death from the roof of the school’s Third North dorm. [NY Post]

A partnership is seeking $1 million to map Grenpoint’s toxic sites. [NY Post]

In the meantime, avail yourself of the city’s block-by-block Rat Information Portal. [NYC via Gothamist]

Those picturesque water tanks on tops of buildings? Many of them haven’t been maintained or inspected for years, and even those that are routinely maintained contain E. coli. [NY Times]

Photos and video from the 10th annual Idiotarod. [Gothamist]

Ian Schraeger is opening a “public hotel” at 215 Chrystie Street. [NY Post via The Lo-Down]

Here’s video of two guys subway surfing across the Williamsburg Bridge. [Complex]

Colin Devlin’s widow has been voted out of Dumont Burger but she plans to reopen Dumont. [Eater]

Karl Fischer’s 101 Bedford is opening up its final 81 units for lease. [Curbed]

Brooklyn was once a marijuana mecca. Check out the photos. [NY Observer, Gothamist]

With 7A’s closing, the Daily News takes a look at some “endangered” restaurants, including Stage, El Sombrero, and Yonah Schimmel. [NYDN]

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming Russ & Daughters documentary. [Gothamist]

Speaking of smoked salmon, The Lox, along with Matt & Kim, played a secret show to benefit the Lower Eastside Girls Club. [Brooklyn Vegan]

An interview with LES activist Frances Goldin. [Indypendent]

Remember 100 years ago, when hungry cats attacked a Lower East Side butcher? [Bowery Boys]

In honor of the William S. Burroughs centenary, here’s a recently unearthed 1975 interview. [Allen Ginsberg Project]

Pushcart Coffee is closing its LES location due to lack of volume. [The Lo-Down]