It is so freaking cold outside, we nearly forgot the gloriously momentous occasion that occurs on Jan. 7: Blue Ivy Carter’s birthday (that’s the holy spawn of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, in case you actively shun all pop culture media outlets). You know who didn’t forget Blue Ivy’s special day? Brooklyn-based rapper and remix mastermind MeLo-X, who released his remix of Beyoncé’s self-titled album, Yoncé-X, earlier today (following some carefully conceptualized teasers on Instagram, naturally).

The artist gained his fair share of Internet recognition for his remix of Maxwell’s BLACKsummersnight in 2009 (Maxwell himself offered his endorsement via Twitter). MeLo, however, is more than just a remix artist – his album GOD: Pièce de Résistance came out last November. In addition to snappy titles (e.g. “Drunk in Love” becomes “Drunk in Lust”), Yoncé-X is enough to make you want to get up and move – appropriate for today as we hear moving is a useful technique to stay warm. Now all that’s missing is Queen B’s endorsement.

BB_Q(1) Have you always been a Beyoncé fan?

BB_A(1) Yes! I’ve always respected her craft!  I grew up around women — my mother is a strong independent Caribbean woman – so I always gravitated towards the stories and messages in her music. I got the chance to meet Beyoncé at a New Year’s Eve party in Solange’s crib two years ago while she was still pregnant with Blue and her presence made an impact on me. That year I killed shit!

BB_Q(1) What was your initial reaction to this album?

BB_A(1) “This shit cray.” I love playing with social media and doing spontaneous remixes, EPs and art projects so for her to be on a megastar iconic level and have the same mind frame says a lot about her as an artist. The album itself is phenomenal and is probably my fave from her thus far.

BB_Q(1) Why remix entire albums and not individual tracks?

BB_A(1) The first album I remixed was the Amy Winehouse Back to Black album. She started my whole journey into this style of remixing. I never like to stop my creativity, so why not remix the whole album? I have no limits.

BB_Q(1) What would you get Blue Ivy for her birthday?

BB_A(1) As the daughter of an art collector like Jay-Z and a baby who already owns a Basquiat, I would give her a paintbrush and some paints, have her do a small piece and then scan it and create a dress for her featuring her artwork. And maybe some boots to match.