(Photo: Anthony Pappalardo)

(Photos: Anthony Pappalardo)

Pavement fans once again proved their devotion to frontman Stephen Malkmus by showing up for a signing on the new year’s coldest day. Those who trooped out to Momofuku Milk Bar in Williamsburg — geared up in LL Bean, Doc Martens and beanies — were rewarded with complimentary posters autographed by Malkmus and his backing band The Jicks, along with the last thing most would want when the temperature drops to 10 degrees: free soft serve.


“Ice cream? Today? Are you serious,” said one of the only soft-serve scorners, a bearded fan who turned down a sample of Cinnamon and Lesbians, named after the title of a song on the new Jicks album Wig Out at Jagbags.

“Rosewater,” said a girl when asked what she thought of the flavor, which according to General Manager Marie Myman will be offered until Jan. 12. “I’m not really tasting the cinnamon, but the rosewater is strong. I’d try it again for sure.”


A decent crowd swelled, scooping soft serve and sipping hot coffee, while the band was given a personal tour of Milk Bar’s surprisingly large back room. A few minutes after the scheduled 4 p.m. signing, Malkmus descended the stairs behind the counter and began handing out autographed posters and signing ephemera to a line of 30-somethings and one baby, who he posed with presidentially.


“You don’t have to take it,” Malkmus called out to a fan who left her autographed poster on the serving station. A bit confused, she quickly pushed her way back up to grab the print and then rushed off into the near single digit weather.


One of the last fans in line grinned uncontrollably while Malkmus signed a vinyl copy of Pavement’s Watery Domestic EP, and soon enough the Jicks disappeared back into the production area. Fear not if you had to work today and couldn’t eat ice cream at 4 p.m. with indie rock royalty. At 8 p.m., Malkmus and The Jicks will do an in-store at Generation Records on Thompson Street. Maybe you can ask Malkmus — who’s a vocal NBA fan — why he thinks the Nets suck this year and if Melo’s going to be traded.