Welcome to Girls Talk, in which two of our favorite New Yorkers share the text messages they sent during this week’s episode of Girls.


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Karley Sciortino takes a selfie in her Williamsburg apartment

The text in blue belongs to Karley Sciortino. Based in Williamsburg, Karley is best known for her filter-less blog, Slutever, on which she doles out anecdotes and advice about sex and sexuality. She frequently contributes to Vice and Purple and has recently launched a twice-monthly column for Vogue.com entitled Breathless.

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Dev Hynes takes a selfie in Los Angeles, where he is currently working

The text in white belongs to Karley’s friend, Devonté Hynes. Also known as Blood Orange, Dev is a New York-based musician, songwriter and producer. He has produced wildly popular songs for Solange and Sky Ferreira and his recently released album, Cupid Deluxe, has been met with much fanfare and consistently positive reviews, even receiving an impressive 8.5 on Pitchfork. Having recently lost his East Village apartment to a devastating fire, Dev is currently working in Los Angeles.

Episode 3: “She Said Okay”

Hannah’s birthday is upon us (as if she needed a legitimate reason to be the center of attention) and the whole gang (including her parents and Adam’s eccentric sister and Tinu) come out to Matchless in Greenpoint to get weird and enjoy the musical stylings of Emilyn Brodsky (as seen when said sister bites Ray) and DJ Tabu, among others.

Adam’s sister shows up at their apartment (at 1616 India St.) played by Gaby Hoffmann, who as a child starred in Sleepless in Seattle.



Marnie discovers a horrifically embarrassing music video of herself online.



Note: Dev had a falling out with Solange, for whom he produced.

Hannah arrives at her own birthday party.



Ray interacts with Shoshanna for the first time since their breakup.


On Hannah, generally.



Hannah and Adam discover Caroline pants-less in their bathroom. She has a huge bush.

Note: Artist Petra Collins was recently pulled off Instagram for proudly showing her pubes.

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