Egg’s new home. (Photo: Melissa Hom)

The bad news is: Parish Hall, the well regarded but undertrafficked restaurant that rightfully snagged New York‘s Best Brunch honors last year, is closing Friday.

The good news is: its over-trafficked sister restaurant, Egg, will move into its bright, sunny, Scandi-sleek digs next month.

That’s right: Williamsburg’s quintessential Southern-breakfast spot is finally ditching that narrow little nook you’ve spent so many Saturday and Sunday mornings waiting outside of while cursing your desperate need for biscuits and gravy. Meaning you’ll now be able to walk to the bathroom without your tote bag inadvertently braining diners in the back of the head.

According to a press release, chef Evan Hanczor, who had been doing double duty at Parish Hall, will continue to oversee the locavore menu at Egg, which will stay open until its move to 109 North 3rd Street next month.

Update: A rep has answered some additional questions about Egg’s new place. They’ll have a full liquor license there (so, Bloody Marys!) and while the menu will initially be the same, they’ll slowly add a few things as they go. Hours will also be the same, or close to it.