Baby it’s cold outside, and the last thing you want to do is dodge drunken Santas as you forage for food. Luckily, two new and expanding delivery sites are at your service.

First off, Williamsburg-based Blue Apron sends you boxes of pre-portioned ingredients so you can try out new recipes and cooking techniques. We asked fellow journalism student Srividya Kalyanaraman to whip up Blue Apron’s quinoa fried rice and she was into it. “It was like takeout food which is healthy,” she said. The recipe took a good 30 minutes to execute (the biggest hassle was the veggies, which weren’t pre-cut), but she’d do it again. “It tasted quite good, as the ingredients all came packaged in the right proportions,” she told us. Watch the above vid, by our own Sarah Jacob, to see the service in action and hear more about it from co-founder Matt Salzberg.

If you can manage without recipes, Good Eggs is now delivering locally produced food and groceries to Brooklyn, meaning you can click to order meats from Dickinson’s Farmstead Meats, cheese from Saxelby Cheesemongers, veggie burgers from Brooklyn Bean, savory pies from Pie Corps, pickles from Brooklyn Brine, coffee from Toby’s Estate, and so on. You can even summon some bison offal. Last month, we hit the launch party in Greenpoint, where vendors shucked oysters, poured craft beer, and sliced crusty bread. Watch the video, by our own Robert Ferris and Liyan Chen, to hear from Josh Morgenthau of Good Eggs as well as some of his purveyors.