Fun City

(Photo: beau-dog)

Sure enough, the City Council voted to enact a ban on indoor e-cig smoking. [Daily Intel]

With asking prices ranging from $795,000 for a studio to more than $3.5 million, The Jefferson condominiums are all sold out on East 13th Street. [The Real Deal]

More drama at Gwynett St.: the chef quit suddenly because, he says, “”the association with international drug trafficking, Federal informing, and recent financial troubles all made the restaurant unworkable for me.” [Eater]

To honor Mayor Bloomberg on his way out, Miss Heather, the blogger behind New York Shitty, has created a series of snow globes that nod to stop-and-frisk, SantaCon and more. [Gothamist]

A Greenpoint rental tower has sold for $72 million. [The Real Deal]

Get ready for more college students in the East Village: St. John’s University is relocating its school of risk management and English language institute to 51 Astor Place. [Crain’s]

The Williamsburg Bridge turned 110 yesterday and got birthday wishes from both sides. [Free Williamsburg, The Lo-Down]

And speaking of old-time Williamsburgh, what’s up with that h that sometimes appears at the end of the neighborhood’s name? [Untapped Cities]

An autopsy reveals that East Village street fixture LES Jewels died of “blunt injuries to the head.” [The Villager]

As part of the MiLES pop-up project, Featherbed Lane, a “stripped-down, tricked-out bodega” is popping up on East 1st Street this weekend and “cooking up free lunches, throwing dance parties, and generally bringing a big hit of love and energy to the block.” [Gothamist]

A-1 Music, not to be confused with A7 Records, is closing in the East Village after 28 years. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY]

Oh hey, it’s Keanu Reeves with a machine gun in Williamsburg. [NYDN]

More importantly: Bill Murray. [Gothamist]

Hawaiian restaurant Onomea serves “humble food, what you may expect to find in a fluorescent box with peeling linoleum” in Williamsburg. [NY Times]