1383820_10152297091052738_529145671_nIt’s that time of year again: the Hester Street Fair’s holiday market is back, as is the Williamsburg Winter Flea and the Union Square Holiday Market. But if you’d rather down egg nog than take time out to go shopping, you may want to know about the Bushwick Bar Bazaars.

This year, local artisans are dropping into four Bushwick bars to hawk their wares while you pound some beers. The bazaars, started last year by Tesia Alexandra Jurkiewicz, take place each Sunday in December from about 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.; it’ll be at Tradesman Dec. 1 (gifts will be in the $25-$80 range), Tuffet Dec. 8 (Moss + Twig will be in the house, and Paper & Plow will be selling handmade soaps), Heavy Woods Dec. 15 (Luna Line and Rishona Fleishman will sell jewelry), and Duck Duck on Dec. 22.

Previous events have featured eight or so vendors per bar. This year’s lineups are still coming together, so stay tuned to the bazaar’s Facebook page for updates.