(Virginia McLure)

(Virginia McLure)

Good shwarma seeks stable and (meat-)loving home, preferably in Brooklyn or the East Village.

Last night, former Momofuku Noodle Bar chef/partner Scott Garfinkel brought Furn: Project Shawarma to the backyard at Fritzl’s Lunch Box, serving up shawarma (shocker), chicken wings (with garlic toum, chili, and sumac), great northern beans stewed with lamb’s neck, chicken liver pâté, smoked lamb breast, and the traditional Bushwick palate cleanser, Narragansett tallboys.

The project was there for one night only, but as we spoke with the Furn crew, it became clear that the next step is a more permanent location for innovating sliced chicken. They’ve been looking closely along south Bedford and in the East Village, and they hope to have a brick-and-mortar location by the beginning of next year.

“Hopefully January,” said Garfinkel as he patted and rolled out pita dough balls, placed them on the grill to bake, and garnished pitas. Fresh dough and two duck breasts sizzled happily behind him. “I feel like I’ve paid my dues working in other restaurants, and it’s time to have my own,” he added.

Can prove income and locally-sourced, yogurt-brined chicken. No pre-made pitas.