The Meat Hook (Photo: M.P. Foss for NY Mag)

The Meat Hook (Photo: M.P. Foss for NY Mag)

This really is going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread: the Meat Hook is opening a sandwich shop.

Tom Mylan just dropped the news, via email, that his Williamsburg butcher shop is opening a spot on Lorimer Street, near Powers Street, right next to Gimme! Coffee. Watch out, Campbell Cheese & Grocery!

Meat Hook Sandwich promises “the same high-quality, local sourcing and bad ideas as the Meat Hook butcher shop…only in sandwich form” and will open in January with five sandwiches on offer. The menu is still in development (and will evolve with the input of friends and customers) but you can tentatively look forward to a roast beef sub, an Italian sub, turkey sub, a grilled ham and cheese, and a roast pork sandwich (“if you don’t like this roast pork sandwich I’m gonna throw myself off a building,” partner Ben Turley is quoted as saying).

“Other rumored items that may or may not be on the opening menu are the ‘undisclosed baloney sandwich’ and the ‘gross vegetarian,'” Mylan writes.

There will also be daily specials based on “whatever we have too much of at the butcher shop.” And cold beer, according to partner Brent Young.

So yeah, get excited for what Mylan describes as “sandwiches like momma used to make, if momma was drunk.”