College kids! If you want to outfit your dorm with those cool filament bulbs you’ve seen at super chic restaurants around town (and at, like, Dallas BBQ) this is your new go-to. Bulb Concepts just opened at 13 East 7th Street, near Cooper Square, and is selling an assortment of Edison bulbs from $10 to $24. The perfect solution for the person who’s looking for old-timey lighting and doesn’t want to give their money to Urban Outfitters.

You can even buy a steel cage ($16.99) for your bulb and some wire ($2 a foot) to make a knockoff version of the pricy ones sold at Brooklyn Flea. Don’t worry, this place also stocks the requisite black lights, so if that’s what you’re in the market for, you no longer have to wander down to the Bowery trying to find the last of the lighting shops there. Brilliant!