As you gear up for Halloween, who better to give you that pre-party pep talk than Andrew WK, the man whose e-mail sig reads “PARTY HARD FOREVER.” Tuesday at the Newsroom, the rocker behind such anthems as “Party Hard,” “Party Party Party” and “I Love New York City” will actually sit down (and not at a piano; he’s saving that for 45 Bleecker next month) long enough to speak to us about his recently announced book, The Party Bible, which promises to be “an unforgettable voyage in search of truth, wisdom, and party bliss.”

Rest assured, we’ll also ask about his other recent doings: channeling Joey Ramone with Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg and touring with Black Sabbath. And this is your chance to ask him anything before his Reddit AMA next month. Pro tip: ask him how a motivational speaker, Grammy-nominated record producer, and owner of Santos Party House became the face of Playtex “Fresh + Sexy” Wipes.

We’ll see you Tuesday at 7 p.m., at 155 Grand Street, off of Bedford Ave, in Williamsburg. As always, the event is free — just let us know you’re coming.