This bittersweet news really put a damper on our day. Ame Ame, the store on East Ninth Street that sells rain gear and candy, won’t live to celebrate its second anniversary. But every cloud has its silver lining: owner Teresa Soroka says she’s opening a new location across from the Ace Hotel. Here’s her closing/opening announcement.

Dear Friends,

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.

With bitter sweetness, I have decided to close my 9th street store.

And I’m telling you first because you were somebody who provided some sunshine during the two year run.

It meant a lot to me that you came to see or shop at the store, even if just once….Or that you asked people to write about Ame Ame….Or that you became friends with me after first being a customer….Or if you didn’t live in NYC, that you called me up and followed how things were going on facebook.

Simple acts of kindness and care really do matter.

Fortunately, in part because of your support, Ame Ame is not dying but growing and taking on new challenges.

Ame Ame is moving into a larger space, located in the historic Gilsey Building, and directly across the street from the front entrance of the Ace Hotel, which is one of my favorite establishments in NYC.

So I hope that you will come Friday November 1st for a “store warming party” to bless the new Ame Ame store and new beginning at 17 W. 29th street.

Bonus points if you’re in a Halloween costume.  Extra bonus points if it’s candy themed or made using umbrellas.    Otherwise  please come  as your wonderful self  on Friday, November 1st between 6 and 9pm.  And bonus points if you let me know asap that you’ll be coming.

The party will probably go until 10 and then after that break up to move on to somewhere better suited for dancing.

With Love,