openingFlyerAfter Fuse Gallery closed behind Lit Lounge, owner Erik Foss gave us a preview glimpse into the new back room, which will now hold a pool table, games, seating, and rotating installations on the wall (unlike when the space was a gallery, the artwork won’t be for sale and will be covered over by each new artist). Now the space has a name (Fuse Room) and an opening date (Wednesday, Oct. 16). The launch party for “Rollers” (the debut installation from Ivory Serra, BÄST, and Lance De Los Reyes) looks like a blast (a BLÄST?): there’s an open vodka bar from 9 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and DJs include Steve Lewis, Jonathan Toubin, and Prince Terrence.

For the serious part, we go over to Foss: “We at Fuse and Lit felt that making a change was the best way to ensure our place in downtown culture and keep our vision of exposing the masses to things they would probably not normally get to see in person,” he writes in the invite, “and also to continue to help artists.”