Turns out those two Nirvana cover albums aren’t your only chance to hear Kurt brought back from the grave. Wednesday at 285 Kent, Gigawatts is putting on a Halloween show and Dead Stars — last seen paying tribute to Colin Devlin — will be going as Nirvana. Other acts include Butter the Children as the Pixies, Le Rug as At The Drive-In, Turnip King as The Velvet Underground, Honduras as Green Day, and Grand Resort as New Order, in case you missed the real deal a few blocks away back in July. As you can see above, Dead Stars does a pretty spot-on version of “Breed” — watch them tear through the Nevermind track at a show at Dead Herring last year.

Over in the East Village on Thursday, guerrilla guitarist Eugene Chadbourne’s All Dead Jazz and Pop All Stars will do some impersonations at John Zorn’s venue, The Stone: the bill promises Chadbourne as Jimmy Carl Black (guitar, banjo, voice), Evan Gallagher as Thelonious Monk (piano), Thomas Heberer as Muggsy Spanier (trumpet), Tatsuya Nakatani as Johnny Cash (percussion, voice), Louie Pearlman as Cab Calloway (ukulele, voice), Barry Mitterhof as Jethro Burns (mandolin), and special surprise guests.