Kim Gordon’s North Brooklyn reign continues. Last week we spotted the former Sonic Youther at the opening of 3rd Ward’s new restaurant, Fitzcarraldo, and last night at Union Pool she and Bill Nace, as Body/Head, kicked off a tour supporting their new album.

The duo’s mighty fine double LP, Coming Apart, is named after a 1969 film shot from a single camera angle, and that’s exactly how we documented the final jam of the sold-out show. (Having never actually seen the movie, we leave it to you to decide who’s playing the Rip Torn part and who’s playing Sally Kirkland role).

“No / I want you to want me / Right now,” go Gordon’s breathy alto and beastly harmonica. Nace’s preternaturally noisy guitar heightens that urgency.

Not to get all Page Six, but it’s worth noting that several of Nace and Gordon’s noise-loving friends showed up last night. A cursory scan of Union Pool’s packed patio numbered both the tote-bagged Nels Cline and erstwhile Parts & Labor-er Dan Friel huddled among the taco-eating, two-Budweisers-for-five-dollars masses.

Add in a Times profile, a new show at White Columns in the West Village, an appearance on the next season of Girls — and the fact that Thurston Moore canceled his appearance at the Spy Music Festival this past weekend — might the ex be winning the battle?