With summer on the way out, we’re already missing the tinny jingle of Mr. Softee, but apparently not everyone is a softy for it. Citizens from around the city have complained to 311 about noise from ice cream trucks more than 1,264 times this summer, with about 65 of those in our neck of the woods. (City law prevents ice cream trucks from blasting their jingles while idling.)

As you can see from the map we’ve thrown together, local complaints appear to be centered around Seward Park on the Lower East Side, El Jardin del Paraiso in Alphabet City, and Maria Hernandez and Irving Park in Bushwick. (The noise around McCarren Park that prompted residents to start a group called Stop the Ice Cream Truck Madness in 2009 seems to have abated.) So, if you’re on the edge from hearing “Turkey in the Straw” too many times, steer clear.