(Photo courtesy of the Corcoran Group.)

In this week’s issue of New York magazine, yours truly blabbers on about living in Allen Ginsberg’s old place on East 12th Street. What isn’t mentioned is that the apartment is now up for rent. This Craiglist ad touting a one-bedroom at 437 East 12th Street doesn’t say anything about the pad’s history, but we’ll let you in on the secret: this used to be Ginsberg’s living room and bedroom, and it can now be yours. Why are we leaving the place even as the bard’s favorite noodle shop returns to the neighborhood? Well, all of that is explained here.

We won’t bore you with the details of where we’re moving, but we’ll tell you where we wish we were moving: Charles Mingus’s old loft on Great Jones Street, which is also up for grabs at $8,750 per month, according to New York.

Fun fact: Ginsberg actually officiated Mingus’s impromptu “wedding” in 1966. Sue Mingus, who legally married Mingus nearly a decade later, tells that story here.