About an hour and a half ago, reports of a loud explosion at the corner of Jefferson Street and Evergreen Avenue in Bushwick lit up social media. Many witnesses, including the rapper Kitty (that’s her Vine above), reported that it sounded like (or was) a bomb. Pictures and video of the intersection show smoke seeping up from the street.

An FDNY spokesperson tells us the explosion was the result of a manhole fire at 12:19 p.m., the cause of which is still being investigated. They have not yet deemed the event “under control.” Con Edison is also on the scene, and the power is out on the block. There are no injuries to report.
At 1:08 p.m., a second explosion was reported several blocks away at the corner of Maujer and Humboldt Streets. According to the FDNY, three residential buildings in the area were evacuated, and smoke is issuing from a manhole. Twelve units are on the scene, with more on the way. The FDNY spokesperson told us the cause was “possibly a transformer fire,” but the fire department is still at work and no official cause has been determined. There are no injuries as a result of this explosion, either.