With its old speakers and homey dark wood, Antler is meant to evoke a ’70s music studio. Which makes sense: proprietors Scott Garry and James Hendrick put in their share of studio time as bandmates in Possum and the Panther.

“This really started with: let’s bring our backgrounds into a place,” explained Garry, who has been bartending in Manhattan for over 13 years. It doesn’t hurt that the decor compliments Hill and Dale’s homage to the radio, a few doors down.

Before the beer and wine dispensary opened last Thursday at 123 Allen Street, some expected it to have a hunting lodge motif, said Garry. “People heard the name and were like, ‘Oh, this is going to be a taxidermy place,’ but we kind of liked the idea of having the name without any of that going on,” he told Bedford + Bowery. (Well, there is one set of antlers behind the bar.)

Antler aims is to give patrons as many different ways of having wine or beer as possible. That means draught, boxed, tetra-pack and canned wine (all of which are certified organic or biodynamic), along with bottled and draught beer and mini-kegs. Garry’s time bartending at the Bourgeois Pig taught him how to make creative cocktails within the limitations of a tavern license, and he’ll be serving beer and wine cocktails here as well. There will also be a rotating food menu of small, shareable plates like crostinis and a cheese and charcuterie board.

The centerpiece of the bar is a multi-tap dispensary designed by Hendrick (owner of Bull’s Head Tavern and Mad Dog & Beans), which combines a beer and wine tap with the controls for the lights and music.

“The knob to turn the music up is on the same unit as the back bar, so I can be pouring a beer and adjusting the music at the same time,” explained Garry.

So stop by and ask him to turn it up to 11.

Antler, 123 Allen St., nr. Delancey St., Lower East Side; 212-432-5000